Thursday, 21 July 2016

Instagram favourites #1

I'm a huge fan of Instagram and could scroll for hours looking at fun prints, memes and cute pictures of kittens. I thought I would share my three current favourites and maybe make this a regular post (weekly/monthly).

Firstly, Kerby Rosanes, a successful illustrator with a unique style. Rosanes has several books out including two colouring books which showcase his talent and inspire people to get creative.

Graphic designer and Illustrator (as well as my close friend), Amy Lesko showcases her fun and innovative collection of work. Amy' style is 'doodly' and bold and when scrolling through her Instagram I can't help but to smile. I can't wait to see more of Amy' future posts and her creations.

Finally, poorlydrawnlines Instagram created by Reza Farazmand, brings out new comic designs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The comics are punny and pointless and bound to make you smile. This Instagram really is one to share with your friends.

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